Air raid atari 2600
This game was apparently the only game released by MenAvision with possibly only twelve official copies ever seeing the light of day. The cartridge is blue, with a t-shaped handle on the end. Gameplay centers around the player attempting to protect a city by shooting down flying saucers, airplanes, and other kinds of enemies which are trying to bomb said city. To do this, the player must fly around in their own aircraft, launching missiles at enemy ships. Waves are continuous, though scores are tabulated so players can compete against themselves.For many years, only cartridge-only versions of the game had surfaced. In 2004, the cartridge sold $3,305 and another one was listed in 2009 for $5,000 and passed without a bid. However, in 2012, we have now see two boxed copies sell on eBay and GameGavel — for $14,000 and $33,400 respectively.

These recent sales made it one of the highest priced video game transactions of all time (a bit behind the $41,300 that was paid for a copy of Stadium Events for the NES). For the record, it would be very interesting in seeing one of the other two games change hands just so we can see the values/

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