The games from adult publisher, Panesian, obviously didn’t meet Nintendo’s strict content guidelines. And even without the whole Seal of Approval business, the chances of your average retailer carrying the games would be pretty slim. So what was Panesian (the publisher) to do? Ship it only to video stores as a mail-order release. I’m not sure it can be said how many copies are out there, but it is presumably less a thousand.It is very easy to imagine, even with the game’s immense rarity, that you could walk into a flea market, thrift shop or video store and discover one of these games hidden away for a dollar. Why is that? The game wasn’t packaged in the cardboard box typical of most NES releases, but rather in a VHS-esque movie case.The copies still left unclaimed for are most likely shoved in with regular old moviesrather than games, meaning there are plenty of unsearched places to look for it.Bubble Bath Babes is a puzzle game featuring an 8-bit rendered, unclothed female at the bottom of the screen. Peek A Boo Poker and Hot Slots are your standard poker and slot machine games with extra “character” so to speak.Judging from the cover art, I think we all have an idea of what kind of video store might still contain it…but a grail is a grail, and this one goes for over half a grand, so don’t hesitate to uncover a copy for yourself (or for eBay).The prices for each of these games seems to be skyrocketing over the last few years.Just a few years ago, you could find these pop up on eBay for $500 or less. Since then they have nearly doubled in price if recent successful eBay auctions are any indication. I have not seen a completed auction of Bubble Bath Babes in a while, but that is not surprising as it is considered the rarest and most valuable of the trio. Considering the recent prices of both Peek A Boo Poker and Hot Slots, one could come to the conclusion that a complete copy of Bubble Bath Babes could raise more than $1400.
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