Even in the early days of the console business, there were times that a game got pushed aside by a publisher and developers go indie to sell their creations. Cubicolor was developed by Rob Fulop during his days at Imagic. After the company refused to publish it, Rob sold it on his own. Since we don’t have the distribution methods we do today, the game was very limited in quantities. Earlier reports suggested there were “less than 100″ copies of the game circulated, however later information reported that there were 50 cartridges made. Each cartridge was signed and numbered by Rob. The recent sale on eBay also mentioned that the cartridge included an “original letter from Rob about the game, [which] also included is the packing envelope and game instructions .The letter and envelope both have Robs company logo on it (PF. Magic). In the letter he mentions being flattered that anybody would pay attention to these games anymore.He also talks about his fascination with Rubiks Cube, and Cubicolor being designed and programmed in 8 weeks. He goes on to say he kept 50 copies of the ROM and guaranteed that no more will ever be made.” If you would like to see more pictures of the cart and the letter from Rob Fulop,check out this archived copy of the eBay auction contents.
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