Halloween was released by Wizard Video Games for the Atari 2600 in October 1983. It is loosely based off of the 1978 movie of the same title.

For reasons such as the Video Game Crash of 1983 and its graphic nature making it harder to sell in stores helped make this a rare game. The cartridge alone sells for nearly $200, while a complete copy can go for just shy of $500.

Gameplay Edit


The goal of Halloween is to play as the Babysitter and escort the children to the safe rooms while avoiding the ever present threat of the Killer. When he appears, the Michael Myers' theme plays in Atari music.

The player can chase the Killer if they can acquire this strange weapon. If the Babysitter gets it, she can then chase the Killer away for a brief moment.

Reception Edit

The game has been mixed to negatively received by critics. Although praised for its digitized adaption of the Michael Myers' theme, it can get repetitive due to the high frequency of the Killer appearing. The graphics were considered decent for the time and the game is especially gory, portraying the bleeding corpses of children and even showing what could possibly be the first decapitation in a video game. The gameplay was bashed for its stale nature and there is a lack of replay value.

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