The box


The 6-in-1 Myriad cart and its sibling, the Caltron 6-in-1 have become some of the more standout collector’s items on the Nintendo Entertainment System. As the name suggests, they are a collection of 6 games, which are about as good as you’d expect from an independent, unlicensed title.While the games themselves was released many times, these actual carts were released twice, the other time from Caltron, who reportedly went bankrupt during it’s production. Myriad Games would later acquire the leftover carts, shipping them out in a new box, and with a numbered label for the price of $69. That sum might have seemed steep then, but it would be a steal for that today. While it might be slightly outdated information, a Digital Press posting lists #888 is the highest number found, so it’s unlikely that more than a thousand exist. Two copies (one sealed and one complete in box) were listed for $4,500 and $3,120 respectively, but neither received bids for those asking prices.

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