Spiker Super Pro Volleyball

In the Fall of 1989, the very last Intellivision game, Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball, was released by INTV Corporation. It was developed by Realtime Associates.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay and graphics bare a resemblance to Realsports Volleyball on the Atari 2600. The graphics and music on the title screen are quite good, and the sound effects are more than passable. Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball manages to be a fun little sports game for the Intellivision and has three modes; a two-on-two, four-on-four, or even six-on-six game of volleyball.

Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball - Intellivision

Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball - Intellivision

Rarity Edit

Just a year after the game's release, Matel discontinued the Intellivision. This pushed Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball, which already had a limited release, off the grid. It is now the rarest Intellivision game of all time.

Today, cartridges of this volleyball video game go for around $950, with complete copies reaching just shy of $1,200. One complete copy sold for over $1,800.

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